Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries

Escape the distractions and busyness of life. Go on a wild adventure! Connect deeply with God, others, and your purpose.

For 40 years, Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries has been making it their job to provide you with the highest quality, life-changing wilderness adventures. With everything SROM does, they are guided by four deep values and themes of scripture: The Glory of God, King & Kingdom, Father & Family, and To the Nations. On every SROM adventure course, you will experience: Spiritual Transformation, Leadership Development, Authentic Community, Character Formation, and Skill Acquisition.

SROM has trips ranging in length from as short as 4 days, to as long as 40 days in the wilderness for ages 13 and older. Our trips go backpacking in beautiful and pristine wilderness areas from the Rocky Mountains to the Grand Canyon and more. Some trips offer even more than just backpacking, they may go rock climbing or even mountaineering. No experience is necessary on many of SROM's trips, only a willingness to venture out of your comfort zone. No matter the location or activity, SROM provides trained and highly skilled instructors who will teach you, challenge you, love you, and keep you safe.

SROM's mission, in the context of technical, deep wilderness adventures, is to birth and grow mature Christ followers, sons and daughters of light who become loving and loyal disciples who make disciples of all nations.

What are you waiting for? Go on a life-changing adventure with SROM! Or SROM will work with you and your group to create a custom adventure.

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