Outdoor Outreach

We hope you've enjoyed this month's Mystery and Adventure lineup! We're honored to be able to spread the word about our PositivCares friends, Outdoor Outreach.

Since 1999, Outreach Outreach has provided opportunities for more than 16,000 young people to explore their world, cultivate belonging, and discover their capabilities. Its mission is to connect youth to the outdoors.

The founder of Outdoor Outreach, Chris Rutgers, never imagined the organization turning into what it has transformed into today. As a young boy, Chris suffered severe abuse and neglect and barely survived his childhood. At 18 years old, Chris had the opportunity to wash dishes at a ski lodge in Utah. He started skiing and eventually became a professional skier; it completely altered his life. Once he realized his passion for sports, he knew he wanted to create an organization to give kids who have had the same life experiences as him. Suddenly a severe back injury ended his skiing career. It was at that point he decided to put his energy and focus into creating Outdoor Outreach.

Outdoor Outreach supports youth from San Diego's most under-resourced communities. They work to reach youth impacted by poverty, homelessness, home and neighborhood violence, system involvement, and physical and mental health disorders with programs that provide them with tools, support systems, and confidence to face challenges with strength and courage.

Are you interested in helping out? There are many ways you can get involved. Outdoor Outreach always appreciates any support to their mission, or volunteer your time to make a significant difference in these kids' lives. Find out how you can help today by clicking below.