Lady Freethinker

This month, we’re honored to partner with our friends, Lady Freethinker for our Friends Fur-ever movie month!
Nina Jackel founded Lady Freethinker in 2013 as a personal blog and maintained it while working as campaign director at a prominent international animal advocacy organization in Los Angeles. As a writer and editor for numerous publications, Jackel understood the media's power to illuminate, educate and influence. After a school hunting contest, Jackel felt compelled to continue spreading the word and stop animal abuse nationwide.

Lady Freethinker is a 501 (c) (3) international nonprofit organization working to end animal suffering. They give a voice to those who cannot speak out for themselves, and effects meaningful, lasting change through investigative reporting and other media, citizen petitions, and partnerships with rescuers and activists on the ground worldwide. LFT enables everyone to take simple actions to help animals, making a difference with a single click.

With their 600,000 supporters and followers, they have been able to collect over 20 million petition signatures to end animal abuse. They have successfully exposed – and worked to stop – animal cruelty around the world, from abusive social media videos to the dog meat trade. Their recent “Break the Chain” campaign urges people to keep dogs off chains and tethers.

Join LFT! You can help end dogs’ suffering on chains by signing their petition today to pledge to never chain your dog. Learn more at Together, we can change the way the world sees and treats animals for the better.