JDS Creative Academy

It is an honor to partner with our friends, JDS Creative Academy, for our Oscar movie month.

JDS Creative Academy began in 2010 by Diane and Scott Strand. Diane and Scott, founders of the JDS Video & Media Productions, started a drama club in the Temecula Unified School District. The drama program received such high recognition that they decided to create an Actors Studio for kids of all ages to learn the technique of acting. This program was formally named JDS Actors Studio. As a result, the Strands felt the community would benefit from advanced education in the Arts program. Additionally, they wanted to assist home-schooled and online students in fulfilling the Visual and Performing Arts requirement, so they decided to create a nonprofit called JDSCA and recruit a group of talented industry professionals to make up the Board of Directors.

To learn more about JDS Creative Academy and what you can do to help carry their message, learn more by clicking below.