Attitude is Everything Foundation

This month, we are grateful to partner with our friends, the Attitude is Everything Foundation (AIEF), to show how powerful and life-changing their message has been to thousands of young teens nationwide. Founder Jesse LeBeau, teen advocate, and motivational speaker created the Attitude Is Everything Foundation to inspire, educate and support troubled youth. Through his program, students learn valuable life lessons such as the importance of their attitudes, taking responsibility for their lives, believing in themselves, and the value of hard work to help them through life's challenges.

Growing up as an underdog and learning how to succeed against the odds has given Jesse a passion for helping others achieve their dreams. The primary purpose of this foundation is to inspire, educate, and equip students with the tools for sustainable success. Jesse believes that building up self-esteem in young people is critical to their development. His nonprofit provides youth across the country (and abroad) with live motivational speaking events, original content, and a curriculum teaching vital life lessons to improve self-esteem and positively impact the direction of their lives.

Are you interested in transforming the life of a troubled teen that may need your help? Click below to learn more about The Attitude Advantage.