For 30 years, Giving Children Hope has been inspiring hope in Southern California. The nonprofit believes that all families deserve the same chance at success and that no one deserves to live this life hungry. With three significant programs, Giving Children Hope helps families break out of a cycle of need and into success and self-sustainability. Currently, in three counties, Giving Children Hope hopes to expand its reach to help families throughout California.

Giving Children Hope has three programs: We’ve Got Your Back, Giving For Living, and a habits-based learning program. We’ve Got Your Back is a nutrition program that serves over 80 schools within Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino County. Families will receive food to feed a family of four for a week through backpacks delivered to each participating school or through the Friday Distribution Drive Through. Giving For Living partners with nonprofits throughout the community to help families get household essentials to ensure they have the tools needed for success. Receiving home goods from partners such as Amazon and Costco, Giving For Living has distributed anything from baby formula to furniture. Giving Children Hope’s final program is a Habits-Based Learning Program. GCH provides interactive courses to parents partnered with We’ve Got Your Back to help grow their financial and nutritional literacy understanding.

To learn more about our programs, visit our website at www.givingchildrenhope.org.

GCH thrives on the help of the community, whether volunteering or becoming a Champion of Hope. Champions of Hope is a community focused on helping children and families break out of a cycle of need. These monthly donors ensure that GCH can be there for their community's families in the capacity they wish to be. You can be a Champion of Hope and help GCH succeed in its mission to create success and self-sufficiency for families in Southern California.

Join us! Help children-families break out of the cycle of need and into self-sustainability and success. Visit www.givingchildrenhope.org/join-champions-of-hope and give today!

To sign-up to volunteer, contact our volunteer team at www.givingchildrenhope.org/volunteer.

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