A Chance in the World

We’re honored to partner with our friends, A Chance in the World Foundation for our Friend and Family movie month! This month, make a difference in a child’s life, and help him/her get the education that they deserve.

A Chance in the World Foundation beats with one mission: to provide opportunities for marginalized individuals and foster positive change. Born from the seeds of compassion and unity, this phenomenal organization has grown into a giant tree of life; one that provides shelter and burgeons with the fruits of opportunity. Founder and Motivational Speaker and Author, Steve Pemberton created this foundation to help youth reach their goals. Through Steve’s miraculous story, his memoir has inspired young people to persevere, to realize they aren't alone, and most importantly, to realize the power of possibility.

A Chance in the World Foundation provides scholarship money to organizations in need. Additionally, they provide Mr. Pemberton’s book to agencies and schools in search of uplift, connection, and a vision to inspire their students. It was through Steve's sheer determination and the kindness of good people, that made all the difference in his life, and he is steadfast about paying it forward to make a difference for others.

Are you ready to be a part of this transformation? One small act of kindness can lead to a million smiles. Get involved with A Chance in the World Foundation through volunteering, donating, or spreading awareness. Your action, your voice, can ripple across the world, empowering a life, creating opportunities. Join this journey of change by visiting achanceintheworld.org or click here.

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